What Makes Us DIFFERENT?

We are known for being experts in our field so what makes us different?

Hiring the best and Brightest

We hire best to our team.

Creative and Inspirational Design

Adaptation to new technology and designs.

Real-time Maintenance

System Upgrading and Troubleshooting. You name it, we are there.

In-time Product Completion

We keep deadlines marked.

Best Pricing Plans

Select from a range of pricing plans, one best suitable for you.

Best Customer Satisfaction

Customers tend to find our work quite satisfying.


A team with strong abilities to take logical and analytical approaches in solving problems.

We EXCEL in the MASTERY of

Robotics, ROS, Automation, Product Design, IOT, Computer vision, Machine Learning and AI.

Embedded System Engineering

Design and implement computer systems with dedicated functions

Industrial Automation and Robotics

Smart Robots and Robot arms with state of the art features

Software Engineering

Analysing user needs and designing, constructing, and testing

Web Design

Web-page layout, content production, and graphic design

Zenix Store

Get your electronic items at best quality for lowest price.

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Our primary concern is dealing with our customers and making sure that they are satisfied. Any questions, comments, or concerns you may have are very important to us.